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Outsourced Accounting

At Corporate CFO, our clients come to us because there has been issues within their accounting department, and management has determined that they would like to outsource their accounting needs.  By outsourcing their accounting needs, management and their employees can focus on their business and allow us to take care of all of their accounting systems.  Companies choose to outsourcing their accounting function for a variety of reasons, including staff turnover, inability to get timely, accurate and meaningful financial information, scalability, need for improved internal controls, etc.  

When you sign up for our Outsourced Accounting Services, we will work with management and staff to design a seamless process with reliable internal controls to handle all of your accounting needs, including, but not limited to, the following:

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  • Accounts Receivable - Invoicing, collections, reporting, etc.
  • Accounts Payable - Vendor bill review and approval, check processing, digital record retention, reporting, etc.

  • Payroll - Payroll processing, benefit administration, payroll tax filings, etc.

  • Fixed Assets and Inventory - Depreciation, physical inventories, etc.

  • General Ledger Accounting - Journal entry preparation and postings, month-end closings, etc.

  • Financial Reporting - General ledger account reconciliations, monthly financial statements, cash flow analysis, budget versus actual analysis, etc.

With this service, management also has access to dedicated professionals who can help you with all the offerings as further described in the Business Advisory Services section.