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Staff Augmentation

Many of our clients come to us because there has been an issue within their accounting department, and they need us to work with their current staff to address accounting related issues within the company. These companies may have one person addressing their accounting needs, while performing various other tasks. This can cause issues where management is unable to receive the financial information they need in a timely, accurate and meaningful way. This often times leads to invoices going out late, which can open up many other problems for the company. When this occurs, vendors are unhappy with the timing and communications relating to payment processing. Management is also unable to analyze the organization’s profitability, which affects their ability to make strategic changes within the organization and provide adequate information to the tax professionals leading to potential problems with the IRS. In addition, with only one person doing everything there is always the potential of the company not having appropriate internal controls to safeguard the company’s assets.

staff augmentation 1 1Because of these issues, owners will bring us in to work with their personnel to refine their accounting processes. We work with their staff to ensure their accounting processes and financial information is run in a smooth, efficient and timely manner. This enables management to focus on their business, and provides them with the financial information they need to strategically run their company.

With this service offering, management also has access to seasoned professionals who can help you with all the benefits described in the Business Advisory Services section.